5 Made-with-Honey Entrées Sweetening Supermarket Shelves

Hot Honey

Creating CPG entrées with honey can offer a sweet and savory balance, but it also allows consumers to have an all-natural sweetener choice. Honey is a versatile ingredient that can be easily incorporated into various cuisines and globally-inspired center-of-plate products. Whether you're grilling, roasting or stir frying, honey’s ability to be adapted as a hero sweetener, glaze or marinade makes it the perfect entrée ingredient.

Adding honey to entrées can bring other benefits that product developers may consider:

Health Benefits:

Research has shown that honey has a wide array of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. Flavonoids and phenolic acids, which act as antioxidants, are found in honey. The amount and type of these compounds depend largely on the floral source.

Natural Sweetener:

Honey has various natural sugars, giving it a distinctive and nuanced flavor. Honey is slightly sweeter than sugar, so product developers can use less to achieve the same amount of sweetness in a dish. Plus, the more than 300 varietals in the U.S. can result in unique, innovative and memorable products.

Caramelization, Glazing and Tenderizing:

When honey is exposed to heat, it caramelizes and develops a rich, golden color. This caramelization process can add a beautiful glaze to meats, vegetables and other main course components, enhancing visual appeal and flavor. Honey's natural enzymes can also help tenderize meat, making it a great addition to marinades for proteins like chicken, pork or beef.

Consumer Appeal:

Adding honey to center-of-plate products aligns with the growing trend of choosing natural, easy-to-pronounce and minimally processed ingredients.

Need inspiration? Here are 5 delicious honey-sweetened entrées fit for the main event:

Honey Jalapeño Chicken Party Wings, Farmer Focus

Perfect on the grill or broiled in the oven, Honey Jalapeño Chicken Party Wings are the perfect way to get the flavorful party started. The balance of sweet and spicy delivers a flavor that guests will love.

Photo Credit: Farmer Focus
Photo Credit: Good & Gather

Honey Pumpkin Goat Cheese Ravioli, Good & Gather

Roasted pumpkin blended with honey, goat cheese and pumpkin spices creates a delicious entrée that cooks in only 4 minutes. Douse in sage-kissed brown butter for added wow factor.

French Bistro Chopped Salad Kit, Fresh Express

Experience the taste similar to foods from a charming French café with a honey-sweetened salad kit. The blend of honey dijon dressing, iceberg and green leaf lettuce, shredded carrots and red cabbage transforms any meal into an elegant dish.

Photo Credit: Fresh Express
Photo Credit: California Piza Kitchen

Uncured Pepperoni & Hot Honey Pizza, California Pizza Kitchen

A collaboration with Mike’s Hot Honey and one of the largest pizza brands in the U.S. resulted in this year’s Queen’s Choice Award Winner – Center of Plate. The thin and flaky croissant-inspired crust with uncured pepperoni and hot honey drizzle results in a delicious contribution to the hot honey craze.

Honey Ham, Land O’ Frost

Hardwood smoked and naturally flavored with honey, this premium meat product contains no by-products, no artificial flavors and is gluten-free.

Photo Credit: Land O' Frost