Everyone Wins When Honey is Your Game Day MVP

Honey candied bacon lettuce sandwich

The time has come once again for the National Football League to name its champion, and like all of the champions before them, these players will have to play hard and leave their sweat and tears (and maybe some blood) on the field of glory. The good news? We spectators get to enjoy all of the “I could hear that from here!” tackles, “Did that just happen?!?” plays, “I can’t believe it!” tear-inducing losses and “We are the champions!” sweet victories from the comfort of the sidelines. And the great news? We get to do it all with our favorite game-day eats!

Whether it be football, hockey, soccer, baseball, or whatever your favorite sport may be, it’s not just about the game, the coaches or the players. What makes watching sports great is the experience of it all - the atmosphere you create when you bring good friends together with great food. That’s right, championship day is a holiday for food, and we’re gearing up with our best honey hacks and most delicious recipes that will show you how to score big on any game day with honey. Whether you lean towards chicken wings, pulled pork or simply chips and dip, honey is the one ingredient that takes your victory eats to the next level!

So much more than just a sweetener, all-natural honey performs a slew of tasks, ensuring that your game day party will win in the good eats department:

  • As an emulsifier, honey acts as a binder and thickener for sauces, dressings, marinades and dips.
  • There is nothing worse than pulling a burger off the grill just to have it be as dry as a hockey puck; well honey can help with that! With its humectant properties, honey helps lock in moisture for the most succulent meat, like wings, meatballs, and pulled pork.
  • While honey can most definitely be the star of any recipe, it is a VIP because of the supporting role it plays, balancing the flavors of other ingredients, like taming the heat in your buffalo wings. Honey also helps mask bitter notes in beverages. For the beer lovers in the house, be sure to check out our simple and delicious Honey Shandy, and for the little ones (and non-consuming adults) we suggest our tasty Lemonade Honey Punch, easy to make for a crowd.

But we want to hear from you! What sports do you follow? Do you attend or throw the game day party with all the good eats? Do you have a go-to game day recipe? We’d love to hear all about how you celebrate in the comments below!