Honey Continues ‘Superfood Reign’ at Summer Fancy Food Show

Honey Variety 2

From flavor and functionality to positive consumer perception, honey’s time in the spotlight was evident at the Specialty Food Association’s Summer Fancy Food Show. Food Navigator highlighted honey’s current driving force in three key growth areas:

1. Growing population of health-conscious consumers

2. Honey’s perception as a natural and healthy superfood

3. Honey’s connection to honey bees and the environment

Javits Center’s show floor was teeming with a sold-out number of vendors, ready to showcase the latest in better-for-you, convenient and delicious food and beverages. Specialty food is the “now,” and the wide range of honey-sweetened products provided attendees a closer look at the trendiest items sure to hit store shelves in the near future. Here are five of our favorites:

Hot Honey Crispy Crackers, Nufs
The sweet heat craze continues, but this time in cracker form. Nufs’ self-proclaimed “world’s first hot honey cracker” is an artisanal, gluten-free take on the cracker snack. Made with almond flour, Hot Honey Crisp Crackers were inspired as a superfood product made with real ingredients and a good source of fiber, protein and good fats.

Chickpea Cereal, Talia
Talia was one of the first companies to combine honey, sesame seeds and chickpeas in a snack, and the company is doing it again with Chickpea Cereal, which made its debut at the show. It’s plant-based, gluten-free and all-natural, as evidenced by the fun honey dipper on the front of the box.

Hot Sauces, Hell’s Kitchen Hot Sauce
Honey is infused into a number of fun, fiery hot sauces — Retro Jalapeno, Under Cover Lover, Taco Cat, Habanero Mango Salvation, and Black Forest — thanks to founder Ron Menin’s mission to provide sauces with personality and attitude to people who enjoy flavor and spice in perfect harmony. With sweet heat sauce competition on fire like never before, Hell’s Kitchen’s line made an impression.

Honey Mustard Seasoned Croutons, Briannas
From a dressing to this Summer Fancy Food Show debut, Briannas has salad lovers covered with honey-sweetened products. Sweet and savory flavors are combined in these crunchy, tangy croutons perfect for an added burst tossed into any mix.

Green and Black Teas, Maury’s Hive Tea
Blended with premium granulated honey, Maury’s Hive Tea is a whole leaf product that had the beverage pavilion buzzing, including making Food Navigator’s “Sweet Trends in Honey at the Summer Fancy Food Show” list. With Maury’s products, the longer you steep, the sweeter the honey gets, giving consumers control.

Exhibiting a honey product at the Winter Fancy Food Show in Las Vegas? Email [email protected] to let us know.