Honey Products Solve Nutritious Snacking Questions

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Better-for-you is no longer a trend, it’s an expectation that consumers have — even in snack products. Sustained energy, unique flavor combinations and functionality are just a few of the demands consumers are placing on snack food in 2023, and honey is a familiar, all-natural sweetener that meets these needs.

What will drive the snack category in 2023? Here are the three trends that will drive snack food sales in the coming year.

1. Better-for-you. Bakery and Snacks said: “While snacking has long been associated with indulgence and fulfilling a guilty craving, a raft of new offers are popping up on the market that more closely align with consumers’ holistic wellness goals.” Honey is a better-for-you, all-natural sweetener that manufacturers are using as a benefit to consumers. And less is also more when it comes to honey; it’s sweeter than sugar, so developers can use less to achieve the same amount of sweetness

2. Energy. Sustained energy is a focus for 2023. Honey is a natural energy source that provides 17 grams of carbohydrates per tablespoon. Foods with wholesome ingredients and functionality in the energy space — like honey — will meet consumer demands in the new year.

3. Mood food. Chatter about mood food is growing. Snack products that provide comfort, nostalgia or a familiar feeling have a powerful impact on consumer purchase. Honey’s familiarity — from a bear to the iconographic honey dipper to a delightful bee buzzing on packaging — can give consumers brand recognition and prompt them to grab what they know off store shelves.

We’re sweet on a number of new CPG snacking products that feature honey’s unique properties. We predict 2023 will be an even more remarkable year in this space, and this set of new products is only the beginning.

Honey Bergamot Tea Infused Granola, One Degree Organic Foods

The clean food company’s commitment to making artificial-free products continues with new Honey Bergamot Tea Infused Granola. Honey is mixed with organic oats, flax seeds and vanilla extract for a transparent, traceable clean label snack.

Photo Credit: One Degree Organic Foods
Photo Credit: Harvest Snaps

Honey Dijon Baked Navy Bean Snacks, Harvest Snaps

The California-based company uses the honey dipper and ‘smiles by the handful’ messaging to amp up snacktime with honey and farm-picked baked navy beans. They’re a sweet and savory flavor combination powered by plant protein.

HoneySalt Cashews, Jonny Almond Nut Company

One of the company’s top sellers, HoneySalt Cashews are slow roasted in honey and uniquely packaged in 4-ounce cone bags. Simple recipes, small batches and natural ingredients are flagship messaging for the 100-year-old company.

Photo Credit: Johnny Almond Nut Company
Photo Credit: Quevos

Honey Mustard Egg White Crisps, Quevos

The newest edition to the high-protein, low-carb snack crisp line, Honey Mustard is a better-for-you snack with bold flavor and keto-friendly ingredients. Gluten-free Honey Mustard provides 4 grams of net carbs, 8 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber per serving.

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