Honey Saves Hives: Meet Our Partners

Honey Bees Building Frame with HSH logo square

National Honey Month is in full swing, and the National Honey Board (NHB) is proud to celebrate with our “Honey Saves Hives” partners! As honey bee populations continue to face challenges and experience rates of decline, protecting these pollinators is becoming even more crucial to our ecosystem and food supply, as honey bees are responsible for more than 35 percent of the foods we eat and the honey we enjoy.

To provide consumers a way to support research that helps honey bees, the NHB’s “Honey Saves Hives” campaign enlists leading food and beverage brands to help us spread the word on the important role honey bees, honey and beekeepers play in our day-to-day lives. Six innovative companies have made a commitment to promote the importance of honey bees starting with National Honey Month in September.

By purchasing participating made-with-honey products from the brands listed below during September and beyond, consumers will help fund bee health research and programs.

Show your support for these brands by purchasing their made-with-honey products!

Barr Hill by Caledonia Spirits

“Barr Hill is an award-winning, super-premium spirits brand made by the Montpelier, Vermont-based distillery, Caledonia Spirits. Founded by a Vermont beekeeper, the distillery uses local honey as the key ingredient in making its spirits. Now led by its entrepreneurial Head Distiller & President, Ryan Christiansen, Caledonia Spirits produces Barr Hill Gin, Barr Hill Reserve Tom Cat Gin, and Barr Hill Vodka — at its state-of-the-art, solar power-enhanced distillery in Montpelier.

Barr Hill’s Distillery, located on a street aptly named “Gin Lane'' in Montpelier, Vermont, is dedicated to crafting world class spirits and educating consumers on the connection between agriculture and cocktail culture with eco-friendly practices. The distillery’s Landcrafted approach honors the bounty of the land, the labor of farmers and the pivotal role of bees in agriculture and the source of all honey - the contributor of botanical depth in Barr Hill’s spirits.”

Participating Products:
Barr Hill Gin
Tom Cat Gin
Barr Hill Vodka

Photo Credit: Barr Hill by Caledonia Spirits
Photo Credit: Frönen


Frönen is a natural foods company that makes better-for-you indulgences. Their first product line is a honey-sweetened, non-dairy “nice cream” made with clean and simple ingredients. Frönen is a woman-owned brand, and the founders started the company while in college. Over the past few years, they have successfully scaled their nice cream into Whole Foods, Wegmans, Jewel Osco (Albertsons), Fresh Thyme, HyVee, Natural Grocers, Mariano's (Kroger), and natural independent retailers.”

Participating Products:
Madagascar Vanilla
Mint Chip


“Established in 2004 in the home kitchen of health enthusiast Justin Gold, Justin’s supports an on-the-go lifestyle with an extensive line of naturally delicious, high-quality nut butter, USDA-certified organic nut butter cups, and plant-based snacks. Justin’s is known for delivering delicious taste, a ‘one-of-a-kind’ grind texture and convenient nutrition.”

Participating Products:
Honey Almond Butter
Honey Peanut Butter

Photo Credit: Justin's
Photo Credit: Kate's Real Food

Kate’s Real Food

Kate’s Real Food is a woman-founded, privately owned, emerging snack brand, committed to fueling adventures with great-tasting, all-natural ingredients. That's why every bite is USDA-certified organic, gluten-free, soy-free, kosher, non-GMO, and sweetened with True Source Certified Honey - because food should not only taste good but be good for you and the environment. Kate’s Real Food can be found nationally at REI and Amazon; in Whole Foods, Sprouts, Kroger, Stop & Shop, Harris Teeter, Hannaford, Earth Fare, Giant Food Stores, Sheetz, HEB, Gelson's, Sportsmans Warehouse, King Soopers; and in many other locations across the country.”

Participating Products:
All made-with-honey bars

Mary’s Gone Crackers

Mary's Gone Crackers® is passionate about making better-for-you food snacks that nourish the body and mind by crafting high-quality snacks that are certified organic, Kosher, gluten-free and non-GMO.”

Participating Products:
Chocolate Kookies
Cinnamon Kookies
Honey Kookies

Photo Credit: Mary's Gone Crackers
Photo Credit: Sprecher Brewing Co.

Sprecher Brewing Co.

Sprecher Brewing Co. has a long history as the oldest Craft Brewery in Milwaukee, and our story is one of devotion to craft, commitment to the community, and a drive to share our fire-brewed sodas and beers with customers nationwide. Today Sprecher is one of the only breweries in the U.S. that uses fire brewing to create craft beer and soda with bold flavor. It is fire-brewing, plus Raw Wisconsin honey, that makes Sprecher Root Beer the best-tasting root beer in the United States.”

Participating Products:
All Sprecher honey-sweetened craft sodas, including their award-winning Root Beer

Beyond the purchase of these delicious made-with-honey products, you can feel good knowing that when you buy honey, whether from a local beekeeper or your neighborhood grocery store, year-round, you’re helping to support honey bees.

For more information on the Honey Saves Hives program, visit honeysaveshives.com.