New Products Dripping Throughout the United States

Honey Variety 2

This year has seen a record number of made-with-honey sauces and condiments hit the market. Of course, the sweet heat craze led the charge, but when diving deeper into the category, one will find nuanced themes product developers are using to capitalize on both high demand and market saturation. Right when we think innovation couldn’t possibly reach the top of the bottle, something new surprised us in a variety of ways.

R&D professionals and marketers are turning to honey to formulate in a number of ways in the sauces and condiment sector, and we narrowed down the list to some of our recent favorites.

A Tad Sweet Ketchup, Primal Kitchen
A traditional condiment with a new twist, A Tad Sweet Ketchup is keto- and paleo-friendly. It combines honey with organic balsamic vinegar, organic onion powder and organic garlic powder.

Photo Credit: Primal Kitchen
Photo Credit: Jack Daniel's

Honey BBQ Sauce, Jack Daniel’s
Honey is often used to give barbecue sauces an all-natural sweetness, and the balance of smokiness and tang in the popular whiskey maker’s foray into the sauce world is unmatched.

Honey Bourbon Buffalo Wing Sauce, Wing-Time
Wing-Time’s premium line of authentic Buffalo-style chicken wing sauces are all-natural and preservative-free. Honey Bourbon Buffalo Wing Sauce is sugar-free, gluten-free, trans fat-free and low in sodium and carbs.

Photo Credit: Wing-Time
Photo Credit: Hell's Kitchen

Taco Cat, Hell’s Kitchen
This hot sauce maker’s honey-sweetened handcrafted products feature fun packaging and a compelling marketing concept. The company’s Taco Cat is made with honey, peppers, tomatoes, garlic and Mexican spices.

Honey Scotch Sauce, Scotch Boyz
Scotch Boyz was created by four childhood friends, and over the years they’ve perfected sauce products meant to help make a profound impact on local farming communities. Consumers are looking for labels that promote sustainability and responsible sourcing, and Scotch Boyz hits the bullseye with this honey-sweetened hot sauce.

Photo Credit: Scotch Boyz
Photo Credit: Jersey Girl

Honey Hot Sauce, Jersey Girl Hot Sauce Co.
What could bee sweeter than a Jersey Girl? The iconic pinup image adorns this eye-catching label. Honey Hot Sauce is crafted with a blend of seven different pepper varieties, including the Trinidad scorpion. The epitome of sweet heat, this condiment’s honey addition adds rich flavor and sweetness to a multitude of recipes.

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